About the Band

Cathy Goss  (Flutes and whistles)

cathy n maurice

An instrumental music teacher by trade, Cathy is well known in Lancaster for her exquisite flute and whistle playing in many bands and ensembles, and as an enthusiastic dancer and dance teacher.   Cathy has contributed some of her compositions, in bal-folk style, to the Quercus repertoire, and her soaring harmonies are a characteristic feature of the band’s sound.  Cathy played with Maurice in an earlier Lancaster-based bal-folk band Chouchenn.

Maurice Pennance  (Guitar)

cathy n maurice

Maurice’s instinctive and strongly rhythmic guitar playing provides an essential component of the Quercus dance groove, but given just a little encouragement can break out a scorching lead guitar solos.  Maurice has previously played together with Cathy in Chouchenn.

Jonathan Hirst (Double Bass)


Jonnie’s playful and inventive double bass lines underpin the band’s sound, and with his strong instinct for accompaniment is key to making sure the band sticks to the agreed set of chords.  Jonnie works as a dramatherapist, and plays along with in Cathy in the Flutes and Co. flute choir. He is also much appreciated as a solo performer of his own quirky and engaging songs.

Sian Phillips (Accordion)

sian top hat

Sian Phillips is a musician and teacher based in Lancaster, NorthWest England. Her interest and expertise lies in playing folk music from Europe and the British Isles. She performs Piano Accordion both for listening and dance events. When not playing with Quercus, Sian plays for the The Balkanics, a seven piece Balkan and Klezmer band, Boom Bike Bourrée , and Rich Tea, a trio playing eclectic mix of trad and modern tunes with Andy Hornby.

Paul Sherwood  (Hurdy-gurdy, clarinet, mandolin, bagpipes)

paul in yellow

A computational chemist by trade, Paul Sherwood discovered the hurdy-gurdy in 2001, and inspired by bands such as Blowzabella has been playing European folk music ever since. Paul plays along with Sian in both Rich Tea and Boom Bike Bourrée. Look out for Paul adding folky drone sounds to Steve Lewis’s Deep Cabaret project.